The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

A few words on Wednesday...

 [ I tore an arm off our new kangaroo toy and tried to swallow it, 
and while my Mum was taking that piece away, 
Clifford and Gromit ran off with the kangaroo. ]

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


my toys
 Squeaky KANGAROO from the LEURA DOGGIE STORE, who love rescued Retrievers and Basset Hounds too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Catching Up With Mum, ...or About Sharing Love

So, Mum just called me a big ball of lovey love fluff.
Yeah..she says stuff like that sometimes, Hannah knows : Mum says weird stuff sometimes.

Mum and I have been having some long overdue us time, which we call "loveytime" today
while Gromit and Clifford played big hound little hound on the dog ottoman
and the furniture that once had a "no dogs allowed" rule.
It's nice, I haven't seen Mum in a while...., ...I don't know exactly how long a while it was, it's been a little crazy around here lately.

One day we were eating peas in the garden...
24 July 2011
The next thing I know, Tim was here (the dog sitter, and owner of the sock I swallowed around this same season last year) ...which must mean something....

The whole human had family left us home alone, safe in our kennels, one afternoon - carrying nothing, as if going out for dinner..., then *poof* Tim was here,
and was here...,
and was here... .
Then.. magically one evening they all returned *poof* through the front door - the whole family, back
carrying suitcases and souvenirs from Australia. (Australia is the place Daddy!s come from.)

All I understood was I missed them, we all did. When they came through our front door that evening we pounced on them with tongues and tails. It was mayhem. Clifford even piddled a little (a lot) in the front porch.
(Dad spent the whole next day sprinkling the white powder nobody's allowed to walk on, plus the babygate went up - and we all know when the babygate goes up dogs are not allowed [and also, it scary when it falls]..., well, Gromit and I know this rule. Clifford doesn't quite get it yet but, I don't think we ever will [but that's okay because he's so cute].) 
Anyway, so there we all are: so happy to see Mum and Daddy! and Hannah again, the whole family together again.
The next day was beautiful..., Mum slept like a Gromit until after noon, Daddy! played with us on our big bed with the sunbeam (and was only firm when one ever of us happened to land on Mum's unconscious body in a playful fit of delight). (It didn't seem to wake her anyway...) Dad eventually left to catch up at The Coffee Shop. I go there too sometimes; Kerr gives me water *big beautiful Golden Retriever grin*

When Mum did wake up it was back to our usual routine (when it's just Mum and us): wake up, visit the backyard, have some water and kibbles while Mum makes coffee, then go to the front balcony with the newspaper to catch the sunbeams and morning breeze floating up the street from the big Lake. We often have loveytime there.
We all like loveytime and really don't mind when Mum says silly words like that. Hannah thinks it's embarrassing (but kind of funny?), so long as Mum never does it in front of one of her friends. Despite Hannah's eye-rolls (which are apparently normal for a thirteen year old girl to do in reaction to her mother) she does it in front on Uncle Neil and Auntie Therese, but they do it to us too - even though they're allergic to us (they wash their hands often when they visit).

The day just got better and better: Mum opened all the doors allowing us on both front and back balconies (one for sun and heat, the other for shade and a cool breeze ...mmmm, that breeze... which I so love feeling through my long, beautifully golden blonde fluff.)
Daddy! came home with flowers and laundry soap (because, for once, they were the stinky ones). The flowers: Gladioli - which both Mum and I adore - we talked about it once. Daddy came and went with food and bottles of bubbly (including cucumbers - of which Mum shared with us later that afternoon).

Then the next part of "better and better": who walks through the front door? Auntie M and Uncle Ken, Rachel, and Nathan - that's who! ...Who all happen to love dogs and have a Best-friend at home themnselves, our cousin Aggie. (I've never met Aggie. She lives too far away to play.)
The dog attention was never ending - there were more dog adoring humans than we three dogs could manage. Ear scratching hands and toes to lick everywhere. I love it when they visit.
Heh heh, Clifford, heh heh heh...he bears the brunt of the extra smaller humans. For once he actually realized he is not, in fact, the ruler of the universe. Rachel is (in his world anyway.)
It was a great night, but deep down Mum and I knew she wasn't well (I always know)..and by the next sunrise it was me and Mum lying in bed together, and it hurt her to get up. The weird thing was, Clifford was there too - and not because he was spying, or trying to be the center of attention or anything - he actually cared and it showed. Both Mum and I were surprised about this. Mum says she always knew he had it in him
(I had[ve] my doubts). Clifford rarely seems to think about anyone before himself, but that day he was really was worried about Mum, even getting those little thinking wrinkles miniature Dachshunds get on their cute little heads.

Mum was sore that day, she gets like that sometimes, nobody really knows why. I always take care of her (that's one of the reasons she wanted me, me of all dogs). Golden Retrievers are made of love, she says; and I am, and I'm good at what I do. (Goldens are known to be great sharers of love and companionship.) I am a great sharer.
That day, I have to admit, *blush* I was a little torn....the kids, Auntie M (who knows how to talk to a Retriever like me, [once having a Best-friend Retriever herself - a legendary one, a black one, still very, very missed]. She's great to sit by, and so is Uncle Ken - who said I have the cleanest Retriever teeth he's ever seen and makes me feel pretty. I really like them and it's fun (and crazy) when we're all together...but, love was there for Mum that day, so whenever the door opened to her I was there.
Mum's acupuncturist came over that day - a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine - and I know about China because one day Hannah left - like normal, carrying nothing....,
and the house was uncomfortably quiet for a while.
Then miraculously again, one evening she returned carrying a suitcase and souvenirs from China.
Again there was a great reunion at the door with tongues and tails.

In my language capacity of 250 (or so) human words, some of mine are about China (I don't know which ones). So, I tried to help by jumping on the bed to help with the acupuncture..., but Dad ("Dad" when he's seems in a serious mood) kept me off the bed. There was enough of me (i.e. my fluff) on the bed though for the DTCM to leave with a significant amount of Claire hairs all over her black clothes to share a little of my Golden love for some time to come. She was nice, just like Mum said, and gentle, just like I tried to be when I put her entire arm in my mouth. It was just my saying hi, and thanks, ...but Dad disapproved.

I went back to Mum, who had moved into a better position (for me to have more space in the sunbeam), and we lay together, and snoozed.
Um, and yeah.. Clifford was there too..still showing concern for someone other than himself. ????

I did my rounds with the whole family to give them updates on Mum, and so that I could have some funny stories to bring back and tell her while she dozed...but then, Mum and Dad talked and Dad got that look on his face like he does when Gromit swallows rocks and he has to bring him to The Vet. And they left, Dad carrying Mum like a floppy Basset Hound who just swallowed five rocks.

She was gone for a while, and I know time passed because I am sometimes able to count suns and moons, and when they pass. I stare out the window A LOT.

It's been so upside down around here. First with the family leaving and Tim arriving. Tim here, them gone, sun moon, sun, moon. Then they all come back, (and Tim leaves with all his socks), then more family arrive, then Mum left, Dad came and went, Nana came and went (though, she always does) (I'm not allowed to jump on her). There were as many children as dogs, aunts and uncles, but no Mum, then Dad had to go back to work, then everyone left... and it was just Nana and Hannah, dog-sitting.

Then Mum came home, and was entrusted in my care.

Nana has left, Hannah has gone to her teenage den in the attic, (where Mum and Daddy! say elephants roam)..... and now it's just me and Mum again (and a couple of hounds).

It's like "normal" again - Mum was on the phone with Daddy! last night, and yesterday through the big front window I watched Hannah come and go with Erica (the girl I like to pounce on, and who joins us for taco night: the night when lots of lettuce falls to the floor).


Today we all wait for Daddy! to come home, Mum and I talk about gardening, and the hounds play big hound little hound. Sometimes Mum and I even sing along with the music - something we never do when Daddy!'s around (tee hee). I personally enjoy Ella Fitzgerald (two more of my 250 [or so] human word vocabulary) because her music reminds me of driving around in the car with Mum in the springtime when I was a puppy.
Those were the days, (DBH) Days Before Hounds, when Daddy! came and went from work the way he always has, and in-between it was all about Girl Time. Even Hannah and Erica were in on singing along with some of our music, and Mum could play it in the car with only occasional eye-rolls.
Sometimes Mum and I talk about those days when we have our loveytime. We talk about the early days of loveytime, when Mum would cuddle me (I was actually small enough to fit in her lap!) and thank the universe for bringing us together. That's when the paw rubbing started, and singing My Girl softly in my soft ears. That was when she started calling me her brown eyed girl and my "eyes" became another silly word: "loveballs."
Claire's knowing loveballs
Each of us dogs have different breeds of loveytime with Mum, each with their own silly words. She calls Gromit "Boober" and talks using a funny voice about his cute wobbly body and waggily tail; and, predictably, when she does that he wags his waggily tail and looks up at her with his "love eyes." Mum says that Bassets share as much love as Goldens, just in a different way. She said their hearts are as over-sized as their ears and front paws, which is why their chests are so big. They share love, as I do, by just being there..., but, while through my loveballs I see, feel, and understand - Gromit's love eyes are clouded with swirling rainbows and jellybeans like a screensaver over my dog blog.
Clifford is still coming to understand what quality loveytime is. He still sort of thinks that demanding it by rolling around on Mum and Daddy!'s faces in the sunbeam bed is how it's done. sigh. I think maybe this recent concern for Mum might have unlocked something in his wee head to the idea of quality vs. quantity. Not that this will stop him from hogging Daddy!'s lap, or curling up on Mum's toes while she stands at the kitchen counter (trying to) prepare meals, or cutting in line when cucumber is being given out. He's just a little obsessive about sharing. He is cute though, ...definitely cute.
The loveytime Mum and I have shared today has been good. So overdue, so healing - for both of us.
Me beside her and under her feet, her calling me a big ball of lovey love fluff while she helps me dog blog. She sang My Girl twice, once in each ear.
She showed me (and touched my nose to) Daddy!'s business card and told me he'd be home on Tuesday. I don't know much about Tuesdays, other than that they are the day that Daddy! often leaves for work, but are also (in my puppy days regularly) the day he comes home. I know that Tuesday is one moon from today.

She showed me pictures of Daddy! and Hannah on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge,

and told me stories about Toffee, Daddy!'s Australian dog - who also brought Dad to The Vet his second day there. Apparently she has a sore leg, (but not too sore to chase the postman). Dad's feeling a little vet-poor, says Mum - with a "lecture" about swallowing socks and barium x-rays...., as if I need to be reminded of that again.

She's been rubbing my paws, and I've been moving my loveballs around my oh so adorable way. She says I'm being most feminine, dainty, and agrees that I have the cleanest, prettiest Golden smile she knows. These are the days to remember, the ones we'll talk about during loveytime years from now.
Claire getting her paws rubbed by Daddy! earlier this summer
and being cute with her loveballs

from our playlist:
Ella Fitzgerald, Mack the Knife
Regina Spektor, Laughing With
Stars, Changes
Fleetwood Mac, Songbird

♥ Claire

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Little Claire Lake

Claire at Little Dog Lake,  4 July 2011
boys chasing girls
It's been a while since we've been to the lake. With Gromit eating rocks and having surgery and eating rocks and having surgery we've had to take it easy. Now that he's all mended, and summer time has arrived, it's lake time!

Little Dog Lake is great for all three of us: shallow enough for Clifford to play, 

and just a little further out it's deep enough for me to swim. 

There are sticks. n f t

What's also great about my lake is the large sandy beach. 
When the lake is low the sand becomes mud, which feels sooo good when you get it deep in your fur.

Yesterday's beach was extra muddy because it had rained earlier in the day. I brought a lot of the beach sand home with me, and despite Daddy!'s Furminating efforts I still left a significant amount of it in the human beds (ALL human beds), and all over the floors (making the house nice and slippery). 
I told Mum to think of it as "exfoliating" ...some people pay lots of money at a spa for a bed of muddy sand, ....but she's not buyin'. 

It was a great way to end a hot long weekend. I hope all my furiends had a wonderful weekend too!

♥ Claire

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Claire Thoughts

Mum and I were doing some gardening together the other day. I curled up on the warm step to watch for garden pests and guard the strawberries, and while I did I thought about things. Mum wondered what I was thinking about, she asked why my eyebrows wiggled around so much.

Sometimes when I think, I think about things I wish I could be doing... like running with sticks and Gromit

Other times I think about swimming and rolling...

Sometimes I think about the time I was doing something and Mum couldn't see what I was doing but she knew I was doing it...

Sometimes when my eyebrows wiggle I'm thinking about Duke ♥

Or that time I got into the mud...

I often think about Daddy!

But sometimes I'm just looking at things, and thinking about them - like the two squirrels that keep racing across the neighbour's fence. I'm going to catch them someday.... I think.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Luck Dragon Claire

My family says I bear a striking resemblance to Falkor, the Luck Dragon (best known for his part in The Neverending Story). Mum says it's because I've always brought good luck. I'm pretty sure Falkor is a distant relative of mine. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Ducky

The Easter Bunny brought smells of bacon and sausages, Nana and Uncle Gerry, and new toys for ME (and Gromit and Clifford too). I checked them all thoroughly for squeakers, then released the blue dog to enjoy my new pink duck with stuffing. STUFFING! YAY!
They've been giving us the stuffless squirrels and foxes lately, it's been a while since I'm had something to destuff. It was great.
Destuffing ducks is the best .
                  Clifford and Gromit came a hustling,
                   trying to take away my duckyling.
                      Bargain for my duck? 
                     Can I say, "Out of luck!" 
                  Then I sent the two hounds a scuttling.

Always Helping

I recently helped to make pizzas on the barbecue. I might have licked one a little on the edge ..(just making sure it's okay for human consumption. ;) !!) I also helped with the cheese clean up, and taste testing the sliced peppers. Mum and Daddy! always appreciate how attentive I am. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011