The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gromit's First Visit to the Dog Park

Today we went to the dog park, where I met this nine month old Great Dane named Zack. I wasn't quite sure what to think of him at first. I'm used to being the big one; and to think only nine months old! After he put his paws up on Hannah's
shoulders I realized he was just the sort of friend for me. I also like to jump. We played together for almost the whole run through the park.
Gromit came along too.
This was his first visit to the dog park, and he had to wear his silly coat. He spent the first while cowering between Daddy!'s feet, or Hannah's, or running back to Mom. I didn't pay much attention to him at the park, not when there was a Dane to play with, but the conversation in the truck on the way home seemed to suggest he had kept up well.

I snoozed the rest of the afternoon, before helping Daddy! reinstall the weather stations, then shovel the back walkway. My helpfulness should earn me a night with the best spot on the big bed.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Dog

Santa brought fresh snow for me for Christmas, and lots of it! When I wasn't helping Daddy! with the turkey, I was playing in my backyard full of wonderful snow. Later in the evening Daddy! and Hannah threw snowballs for me to catch,which was so much fun.

Sous Chef Claire

Daddy! and I spent yesterday roasting this fine featherless friend on the BBQ. I observed attentively. Daddy! told me what a 'good helper' I was all day, but somehow I still didn't get a chance to taste our feast, and had to eat kibbles with Gromit instead. sigh The life of a sous chef is full of sacrifice.

Today I helped Mommy as she turned the leftover bird into a couple of pies. She too told me was a great help I am. I think a career in the kitchen is what I would like to pursue.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Puppy Love

Having a little brother isn't so bad...
Daddy! took this photo of me playing with Gromit today.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Soggy Orange Ring

Mommy found my stuffy orange ring under the couch yesterday. It was a part of a Halloween stuffy that I destroyed, and is a favourite chewy thing. I haven't seen it in weeks! Today I spent some quality time getting it good and soggy, periodically bringing it to Mommy to show her my progress.
my licker in action

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Today, Gromit and I cooperated in destroying some more of my dog bed. We both took part in spreading bits of foam all over the floor. I'm pretty impressed with my little brother's chewing abilities.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Tree Farm At Home

Did you bring the Tree Farm home for me? Is this what Christmas is all about?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wubba Bunny

This is what remains of my Kong bunny Wubba™. It used to look like this, and has lasted an impressively long time. First I took off it's ears and destuffed its head; then I took off a couple legs, and it has been in that form now for a couple of months. Both myself and Gromit enjoy playing with Bunny, but all credit for it's destruction goes to me. *wags tail proudly*
Last night I nibbled apart the bunny's last leg. Hannah is going to add the bit of leg to the Frankenduck she's sewing together for me (made up of all the duck heads I've chewed off since the summer). Wubba Bunny has been the one of the best toys I've ever destroyed.


When Gromit snoozes, which he does often, and peace settles once again in the house, I wait. I wait for him to wake up so we can play monkey-tug again. Sometimes I poke him with my nose, other times I lay down beside him and sigh. He goes to bed early, like I used to, which is when I go to my dog-ottoman by the front room window and guard the house from night squirrels until Mom and Daddy! go to bed.

Last night I slept right in between them and stretch horizontally across the bed. I find this technique works well in order for me to have part of my body on Mom and part on Daddy!, while maintaining more bed surface space than either of them. Mom scratched me behind the ears as she fell asleep, which felt nice, so I showed her my appreciation by licking her hand while she slept.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ode to My Ducks

Since Gromit has come around
My ducks have been in danger.
Even in Daddy's Ford Ranger,
There's no place I've found
That is safe from the Basset Hound.

My ducks are good luck!
They're not for Big Ears,
Or those of such young years.
They're mine to upchuck,
Which makes humans say yuck.

My ducks I do love
More than cucumber and snow,
So much more, don't you know
Their long necks, wings, and squeakers are better than gloves,
Yes my ducks, my ducks, they rise up above.

When Mommy was sick...

Putting my Best Friend talents to work, when Mommy was sick in September. I made Mommy feel so much better. She kept telling me how thankful she was for me, and how happy she was that I was with her.♥

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow Angels

Gromit and I did not want to pose for photos today. We were outside to roll around in the snow, at least I was.



Lunch can no longer be leisurely; not with Gromit around. Even though he has a whole bowl of delicious puppy kibbles right in front of him, he wants what I have. Mommy sprinkles a few puppy kibbles on my Clairefood to make me think I'm getting puppy food. I did eat one of his meals - once - but it was soooo good. I haven't had puppy kibbles in a while.
Gromit gets into my water too, even though he has his own bowl to drag his ears through.
Mommy thought that by making a barrier of my kennel's door he would stay to his own side, but he wiggles around it anyway - especially when mommy's busy with the camera. Here he just looks on. It is a little distracting to eat when you're being watched like this. Still, he does clean up after me, which we all like.

1000 Goldens Project

The 1000 Goldens Project "celebrates the world's greatest dog" by collecting tributes to and about beloved Golden Retrievers. I am Golden # 10! I'm so honoured to be selected.
Farley's Dog Tails blog is excellent, and give great insight into training humans. I'm learning a lot from him. His mom used one of my favourite baby pictures too! I look so sweet and prim. If I was to meet Farley I would give him my best wanna play? looks, like this:

Yahoooo! Snow!

The snow is back the snow is back the snow is back!

Friday, December 11, 2009

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Dog Lovers Have More Fun

Dogs have long been labeled man's best friend, but it appears that pet pooches are also helping us hook up with other humans...(read more)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gromit's New Jacket

Can you believe it? Gromit is so little he has to wear a jacket!
Unlike me, who has the most beautiful fur coat - I don't have to wear silly clothes; (in fact Daddy! is quite opposed to dressing me). I do have a life jacket for boat trips, but never in a million years would I wear anything like Gromit's jacket. I know, I know - he's only a baby, and it's definitely winter outside, but I think he looks silly. I did discover that I could grab the jacket in my mouth and pick him up off the ground, which is really fun.

I wonder if he'll like making snow angel dogs like I do?

My New Baby Brother, Gromit

Okay, so this is my new baby brother, Gromit Wensleydale Jackson. Not only does he have a silly name, but he is silly looking. Look at those ears! I'm not too sure what to think of him, but so far he seems alright. It's nice to have another dog to play with, but he's so wobbly and floppy it's hard to jump on him. He jumps at me though, and tries to grasp my collar, which is kind of annoying.
I like his puppy food, and he cleans up after me when I eat, so I suppose he's handy to have around. I don't like it when his ears get in my water bowl though; I wish he would just drink his own.
He's no fun outside - all he does is shiver and sulk beneath Mommy and Daddy!. I tried to play frozen duck with him last night but he would have no part in it. I wish he would grow so we can really play.

I will try to be a good example for my baby brother. Mommy wants me to teach him to ring the bell like I do when I want to go outside.

My First Birthday

November 6, 2009
My Birthday at the Tree Farm.

Regarding My Tail...

As you can see, my tail is fabulous.


Sticks are good.

This is My Tongue

Madama Butterfly

I love butterflies! Playing catch the butterfly is one of my favourite summer games.

How to Chase Your Tail and Catch It Every Time

I am an expert tail chaser and catcher. (It helps that my tail is the most beautiful tail, with long sparkling fanning hair.) I find it's important to practice every day, even if you have to practice in the kitchen while the human are preparing human food. The trick is to twirl in a tight circle, and when your tail flaps out behind you grab hold of it - and don't let go. Don't stop twirling! It's all in the twirl. You can start crab walking sideways if a human is in your way, but keep the twirling in motion. Now, see how long you can hold it before falling in a heap. woof.


Daddy! is the best.
Sometimes he goes away for days, but I watch for him out the window until he comes back, and when he does oh boy oh boy it is so exciting. I make sure I get to the door before Mommy, so that I get the first Daddy! hugs and kisses. He's mine, all mine.
I like to help him catch fishes, and one day he's going to teach me how to catch ducks.

Memories of Winter

Daddy!'s Dog

I don't understand why Mommy didn't want me coming back in the house. She sat me in the porch, and after taking this photo of me she wiped all the mud I collected with towels. I love mud! I didn't want to wipe it off!
Daddy! says when I look like this I'm his dog. I love Daddy!!

Australian Chew Toys

Lake Dog

Nothing beats a good shake after a swim in the lake.