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Saturday, May 22, 2010

ginger toys joy (and it's not even Christmas!)

The other day my Mom gave me these cute squeaky ginger toys.

Okay so one of them was for Gromit, but he doesn't know how to tear them apart yet, so I took care of that. They have an incredible amount of stuffing in them! Mom keeps sweeping it up, and I keep pulling out more (I think she likes sweeping as much as I like stuffies because she does it a lot), so it's a win/win situation.
I've managed to get the squeaker out of each of them. Somehow I fell for that cookie trade the humans do when they want what we have (I just can't resist a cookie, I fall for that trick every time!) and lost both squeakers.

I'll never tire of tearing stuffies apart. It's one of my favourite things, right up there with cucumbers. Mom says the front room looks like a scene from a great stuffy tragedy; but I think that with the amount of stuffing in these ginger toys there will be more than five acts to this play. I'll be pulling stuffing from these things for days!

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  1. Claire darling,

    I don't like sweeping as much as you think I do.