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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Downtown Dogs

Gromit and I live five blocks and half a park away from Lake Superior. The air here is amazing. We are downtown dogs, but our backyard is like a small forest with it's own grass meadow.

In the evenings we like to sit on the warm back balcony, soak up solar power after staying cool all day in the old bricks and stones of our house. A bird observatory, squirrel tower, it also provides an opportunity for us to communicate with other neighbourhood dogs, especially that yappy one down the way.
The front balcony is another story. Gromit got in trouble a couple weekends ago for barking too much off the front balcony. I can't blame him; barking through the front window is one of my favourite things. There's so much action out front! As I mentioned, we're downtown dogs; as lush and peaceful it seems here, there's still the activity one might expect downtown (and let's not forget the church across the street!).
Huge trees = huge squirrel to dog ratio. Which ever way you look there's a squirrel to chase. Not kidding. People coming and going, some on bikes, some pushing strollers, and some walking dogs like us on leashes.

We roam on leashes sometimes too, down to The Coffee Shop with Daddy!, through the park with the old trees, past that place that often smells like Italian sausages... sometimes we just walk back and forth on the street so our human sister can inline skate beside us. I asked Mom for a four-set of Claire sized 'blades, but she didn't understand my eyes. She just thought I was saying, "I love you."
One day, late in the afternoon, Gromit and I were at our post on the front balcony when not one, but TWO sweet little girl Basset Hounds walked by. Mom chatted with their Mom, but the wind blew away their names, and Gromit was yelling out our phone number, so she had to shut him up. They walked on by...

Breathing Great Lake air, basking in sunbeams, barking at street business, weekend visits to The Tree Farm (and soon the Little Dog Lake); life as downtown dogs is fine. There's so much to do.
Time to go observe some birds now while the sun sets, good night all!

♥ Claire

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