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Thursday, July 15, 2010


My Daddy! is a Geologist and likes to collect rocks. I too consider myself a Geologist because I also collect rocks. This is Daddy's window sill rock collection:
This is my window sill rock collection:
Now, I'm not saying I'm a better Geologist than Daddy! is. He has been doing this for many more years than I have (I'm only 20 months old!!), and people call him a "real Geologist", but it's all about consistency and Daddy's just not out there collecting rocks like I am every single day.

I bring them to him hoping we could have a scientific talk about their properties and grains, but all he does is wave a cookie in front of my nose to distract me so he can STEAL MY ROCK! I think his Geological technique is unfair, but I do love my cookies.

I do make sure to leave my marker on my collection, as you can see here:
Our Geological connection is just another reason why I am such a Daddy's girl. Maybe one day I will also pack a mine bag and fly away on Blue Tuesday.

Gromit could probably get a job at the mine working security detail with Chops, but he seems to be leaning toward gardening, like Mom. He has always looked good in green.
♥ Claire

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  1. Roo thinks Claire's rock collection is bigger than Daddy's. And shame on Daddy for trying to steal your rocks! Perhaps Claire should ask Gromit to flap his ears in Daddy's face next time he wants your rocks added to his collection!

    Rock on,