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Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Baby Brothers?

I don't know how to say this. I'm still in shock. So, Clifford, a red sausage dog we met at the park a couple weeks ago, has come to live with us. Yes, live with us! I thought Mum was kidding when she said something about a new baby brother. When he showed up on Saturday I thought he was just visiting, but apparently not because he's still here.

The first thing we did was try on Halloween costumes. I'm going to be a butterfly (because I LOVE butterflies) but I did't have my wings yet. Gromit is going to be a lobster, and loves his costume so much he wore it all morning. Clifford arrived with his very own hot dog bun costume. When he first came in I was convinced he was my lunch, but when I licked him I realized he didn't taste like a hot dog, he tasted like a hound dog. I spent the morning laughing at them in their silly costumes.
I won't look silly -
I'm going to be a beautiful butterfly.
He's incredibly cute, I can't argue that, and he's so small I sometimes forget he's there. Gromit is a little more unsure of the new guy than I am, but then I've been through this before. I'm just a little surprised. Mum and Daddy! really like big, strong dogs - then out of nowhere we find ourselves with a little sausage dog.
He tells me he's a good swimmer, and he likes to hunt badgers. Apparently he's related to Gromit, but his side of the family has smaller ears. Gromit thinks he needs to follow him everywhere for security reasons; Clifford is so small he needs his big brother to watch his back..
He's curious, and at first just watched us everywhere we went.
I've sniffed him, and to me he smells alright.
I just have to remember that he's not my squeaky toy.

So, life with TWO baby brothers is going to be interesting....stay tuned!

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  1. Claire;
    We know you are up to the challenge.
    Lobster, Hot Dog & Butterfly, your Halloween is going to be a lot of fun.

    Hamish & Sophie