The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Monday, October 4, 2010

Of course we went to the Tree Farm this weekend!

Daddy! used to have a rule: no dogs in his turbo Subaru, but somehow over the years, and canine additions to the family, it has become our most comfortable mode of transportation. I've left many of my Claire hairs and window nose prints in Daddy!'s car now, making it more of a 'dog car' than a 'sport car'. I'm kind of proud of that.

Because I am the tallest dog, I can easily see out the windows and see where we're going. I know the route to the Tree Farm very well. I like to rest my head on the seat and watch every turn. Gromit tries hard to see but as you can see he can barely peek out the window. Clifford, well he's never going to be able to see so he'll have to just trust me when I tell him where we are going.
Gromit sometimes gets really excited and jumps up to have a peek, but Daddy! yells at him to get down and be safe.

This was Clifford very first visit to the Tree Farm, so Gromit and I showed him all around the paths and roads. He walked the whole way, occasionally running, springing, and leaping along.

We stopped for a while along the poplars so Mum could get a nice picture of us sitting in the leaves...but I swear I saw a squirrel so of course I couldn't just sit still and let it get away. (I never did catch it.) It might have been a branch blowing in the wind, leaves crunching,
or Clifford...
It was a beautiful afternoon at the Tree Farm. I wish all my Golden friends could join us there!


  1. Oh I love the last picture. It's really beautiful. It seems you all had a very good day out there too. I wish we could join you too.

  2. What a great place for a jaunt :)

    Bummer about the SQ gettin away :(

    You three looked like you enjoyed yourselves immensely :)

    Waggin at ya,