The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Friday, December 31, 2010

How I spent my Christmas vacation...

I was pretty sad and mopey throughout most of the Christmas holiday. Unlike the Grinch, my heart has always been two sizes too big, so when my little brother Gromit got sick and had to spend many nights away at the vet hospital, all I could do was lay about feeling sad. I love having Gromit around, he's my best buddy. When he's around I have someone to roll around in the snow with, pounce on, wrestle. I could tell he was not well, and it made me worry. Mum, Daddy! and my human sister were also all very sad and worried, which made me feel even more. I wear my emotions on my paws, and in my eyes, and could not hide how sad I felt. Even with a new Christmas duck to chew, it just wasn't the same without Gromit.

Thankfully, Gromit is on the mend and is back home where he belongs. He still can't play with me like we're used to, but that's okay because he will soon. I can be patient now that's he's home. I've been laying close by him ever since, just to let him know I care.

Before Gromit got sick, we did have a great family gathering here. We had two extra children and my Auntie M and Uncle Ken stay with us for a few days, which was awesome. They all love dogs, and I got lots of extra attention. Daddy! and I also had a lot of good snuggling time on the couch together. I don't know what ever happened to the rule about no dogs on the furniture, but I'm certainly not complaining.

I hope all my furry friends had a great Christmas full of ducks, squeaking things, and leftover roast beast treats. We're taking it easy for Gromit's sake this New Year's Eve, just waiting for Daddy! to get home so we can really have our whole family together again. I wish you all well this New Year (except all the squirrels out there, of course) and best wishes for 2011!

♥ Claire

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not so wordless Wednesday

It has been a while since I updated, I'm sorry but it has snowed, bounteous snow, so I have been completely preoccupied by playing in it, wanting to play in it, rolling in it, thinking about rolling in it, and watching it fall. All I really wanted for Christmas was snow, and I got it, so I am a believer.
We've been busy too, decorating the house with things from the tree farm. Mum keeps saying she wants to do a photo shoot with me being cute beside the fancy tree farm tree we have inside our house, but then she runs out the door - then Daddy! said something about it, and he ran out the door...I don't know what's got into them.
I have been helping rearrange the decorations on the since it went up, and discovered this year that it's actually kind of tasty. We put some more tree farm things on the front balcony. It was such a beautiful day, with big fluffy snowflake falling from the sky. It slowed everything down for a while making our downtown street unusually quiet, except for the sounds of snow shovels scraping the sidewalk. I took the opportunity to listen intently for the sound of squirrel conversations.
I'm wearing my Christmas collar again and feeling in the Christmas mood. I've heard that Auntie M, Uncle Ken and my human cousin kids Nathan and Rachel are coming to visit for five days. Yay! 'Two extra kids' was also on my Christmas wish list. I, clearly, have been a very good girl this year because Santa is already treating me.

...and, of course, my close up..

I hope you all are having as much fun. Merry Christmas to all!
♥ Claire 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Memories of summer fun on a cold winter day.