The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day

Thank you again for all your responses and concern about my paw licking. I am doing much better now, and my paws aren't bothering me as much. I visited the vet, who said I had an infection in my paws from the dampness, and that I am probably allergic to something I'm walking on. I have some antibiotics, and we're working on resolving the allergy concerns.

A lovely weekend away was just what I needed. Deep, fluffy snow as far as I could see, a dog friendly resort, my whole family, and best of all Uncle Neil (and Auntie Therese) were there too. (Uncle Neil is my favourite and I get very excited when he comes over - probably because he's allergic to me!) In fact, they're both allergic to all us (Gromit and Clifford, that is), and yet they're still willing to spend a weekend with us, which is very, very nice of them.
There were minnows in the fridge for ice fishing, which were pretty entertaining. And the food, o.m.g. the food, Mum and Daddy! packed enough food to feed us for a week. Where there is food, there is food dropped.

We stayed at Open Bay Lodge, on Lac des Mille Lacs where Daddy! and Uncle Neil like to go ice fishing and sledding. This time they brought along my sister Hannah.

When I looked out the door, this what what I saw...
A whole lake frozen over and covered in snow, enough for a Claire to leap and leap forever.
I would have leaped forever too, had it not been so horribly cold (nearing -27C, I think). We went out in short bursts to run around and be silly (and poop), but otherwise stayed inside our warm cabin, keeping my paws dry and comfortable. Mum and I planned our garden, while Aunt Therese knit something very interesting ~a sock~.
I couldn't believe my luck, it was amazing to watch a sock be created. It looked like it would taste really good too.

When the sledding group returned from fishing I was so excited to see them I ran right out on to the lake. I dove off the snowbank into the deepest snow I've ever played in. I leaped thought it to Uncle Neil and we ran out to Daddy!...

...where I gave him the best greeting ever.

It was a great way to spend Family Day here in North Ontario. :)


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sad Claire

Sad Claire. I don't like having my paws in socks. :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Obsessive Paw Licking ~ nearly raw pads

Have any of you ever had this problem? Can you share any advice?

I'm licking my paws raw, and my parents don't understand why (neither do I). We don't know what's caused this, or what we can do to make me stop. I've been doing it obsessively for a few weeks now. My right front paw is very sore.
We know enough to know this could be an allergy, maybe to road salt, maybe to the Swiffer™ solution my parents use to wash the floors. It could be cabin fever from these winter months; maybe I'm bored, or frustrated with my littlest brother, or feel too strongly about emotions I sense (because of my acute emotional sensibility). Maybe my pads are just dry and itchy?

It's been a while since I've swallowed a sock, or had to visit the vet for any reason. Thanks to Gromit and Clifford our family has earned a somewhat 'celebrity status' over there at Northwest. I even have my own mention. I guess I'm about due for the spotlight.

We often use Gold Bond powder to cool/prevent hot spots, so today Mum went out today and got Gold Bond medicated cream assuming that because I react well to the powder the cream wouldn't upset me either - which it doesn't, it actually felt good when Mum rubbed it on my pads (I told her so with my eyes). Then we tried two things:

1. Mum rubbed the cream into my pads, then wrapped my paw in gauze, then taped it all up with athletic tape. She told me to stop licking them.

It felt ridiculous at first. I did not like the feeling of the tape - even though it's soft and doesn't pull at my fur - it was just too much. Plus, I looked dumb, and Gromit said I looked like a mummy. It didn't last long anyway, after one trip outside to the backyard - in the snow - and my paws looked like they were going out for Hallowe'en.

2. Mum and I go back upstairs to the bathroom, lock my brothers out (who whine at the door the whole time) and snip all the gauze and tape off my paws. She rubs more cream into my pads, which I again tell her is good with my cute brown loveballs. We then put gauze to cover just the pad, and cover that gently with one of Hannah's old socks. Mum then tapes it at my ankle, and again at the top of the sock, and I smiled. I still feel kind of ridiculous, but I think this is actually kind of comfortable.
Mum said we'll have to change this every time I go out in the (now melting) slopping snow-muck.

I think I'm feeling better, and relaxed (I look relaxed), and I'm not going at my maybe this is working. Have any of you ever dealt with obsessive paw licking/grooming? How have you resolved it? Any advice? My parents are worried about me. Thanks in advance!


Wordless Wednesday

Little Dog Lake, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dog Dreams

It's another blue Tuesday. Daddy! left this morning and he won't be back until Friday (they think I don't understand temporal measurement but I do, I do). I spent my morning sucking on my squirrel and snoozing beneath Mum's chair. I've had two great puppy dogs dreams today, both of running and rolling with my friends at the Tree Farm.

There were so many Goldens at the Tree Farm last week that Mum and Daddy! thought they were seeing Claires in every direction.
 (I think Gromit was a little confused. He kept trying to chase me, but didn't know which me.)

 One of my favourite things to do at the Tree Farm is roll.

After my dreamy nap, I went out in the backyard to look for for Daddy!, but couldn't find him anywhere. 
I'm going to keep looking until he comes home, but it's very tiring so I'll also be taking plenty of naps.

Sweet dreams to you all!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011