The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog. ~Ambrose Bierce

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day

Thank you again for all your responses and concern about my paw licking. I am doing much better now, and my paws aren't bothering me as much. I visited the vet, who said I had an infection in my paws from the dampness, and that I am probably allergic to something I'm walking on. I have some antibiotics, and we're working on resolving the allergy concerns.

A lovely weekend away was just what I needed. Deep, fluffy snow as far as I could see, a dog friendly resort, my whole family, and best of all Uncle Neil (and Auntie Therese) were there too. (Uncle Neil is my favourite and I get very excited when he comes over - probably because he's allergic to me!) In fact, they're both allergic to all us (Gromit and Clifford, that is), and yet they're still willing to spend a weekend with us, which is very, very nice of them.
There were minnows in the fridge for ice fishing, which were pretty entertaining. And the food, o.m.g. the food, Mum and Daddy! packed enough food to feed us for a week. Where there is food, there is food dropped.

We stayed at Open Bay Lodge, on Lac des Mille Lacs where Daddy! and Uncle Neil like to go ice fishing and sledding. This time they brought along my sister Hannah.

When I looked out the door, this what what I saw...
A whole lake frozen over and covered in snow, enough for a Claire to leap and leap forever.
I would have leaped forever too, had it not been so horribly cold (nearing -27C, I think). We went out in short bursts to run around and be silly (and poop), but otherwise stayed inside our warm cabin, keeping my paws dry and comfortable. Mum and I planned our garden, while Aunt Therese knit something very interesting ~a sock~.
I couldn't believe my luck, it was amazing to watch a sock be created. It looked like it would taste really good too.

When the sledding group returned from fishing I was so excited to see them I ran right out on to the lake. I dove off the snowbank into the deepest snow I've ever played in. I leaped thought it to Uncle Neil and we ran out to Daddy!...

...where I gave him the best greeting ever.

It was a great way to spend Family Day here in North Ontario. :)


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  1. Glad your paws are feeling better, we hope it continues.

    Hamish & Sophie