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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sous Chef Claire II

Claire and Gromit help make Snickerdoodles
Mum and Daddy! love to cook. Gromit and I are the sous chefs, and Clifford is the entertainment. What Mum and Daddy! don't love is our kitchen. Mum even entered a contest to win a new one. They talk about tearing it down all the time, and constantly complain about dysfunction, lack of storage, and the floor. I agree - the floor needs replacing and I often bring pieces of it to them to show them what a mess it is. The only thing that does work is the sunbeams.
Gromit and I sometimes pretend our animal toys are the kitchen staff, so make sure they are stationed all over the place. We watch them closely.
In the above photo were helping to make snickerdoodles. Mum told us often what a great help we were being. :)
Below, showing my attentiveness to the cheese recipes, and willingness to clean up.

helping Daddy! make cheese filling for the chicken
taste testing the cheese  filling

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